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Our Story

In March 2016, Aurora Films and Performing Arts was formed by a group of filmmakers and artists in Toronto with a common vision. Sharing the belief that traditional culture is beneficial to people of all backgrounds, we strive to reintroduce traditional values, aesthetics and similar themes, through film and performing arts, in a contemporary society setting. Today, we have grown into a cross-functional team of dedicated artists. We not only serve the local communities across the Greater Toronto Area, enriching our communities with one performance and one film at a time, our films have been translated into over ten languages and enjoyed by audiences around the globe.

CHARITY NUMBER:778234898 RR 0001

Our Vision

Appreciation of the arts and traditional culture fundamentally lead to more diverse, wholesome and tolerant communities.

Our Mission

To advocate traditional values through education, performing arts and film, to enrich, strengthen and inspire communities.

Our Impact

Aurora Films and Performing Arts has stayed true to our vision and mission since inception. Thousands of Greater Toronto Area residents have enjoyed one of our classes, performances or films in person. Our films have been recognized internationally at film festivals and screened in theatres across three continents. As our films are all filmed in Ontario, we are also showcasing picturesque Ontario to the rest of the world.

“It’s a very powerful film. It really captured my imagination. It’s a rare film today. It’s full of such goodness.”

— Scott Davie, President, Davie Real Estate

“The main message of the movie can change many things in the society.”

— Mahdi Bazargan, Data Scientist and Professor

“This movie gives us courage to lead a better and sustainable life. Life full of purity, cleanliness.”

— Mirnal Debnath, Doctor of Education

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